You should have spent a lot of money in buying the best styles and models of furniture. If you want to have chairs designed under the order we provide such opportunity for you. We guarantee quality and beauty at the best price.

We also offer premium chairs cleaning, repair, and maintenance services.


You can order chairs designed under your own sketch. You provide us with information about your wishes and vision and consult our experts team. Then our professional team start to translate your ideas into reality.

You can also order premium chairs cleaning, repair and maintenance services. Your furniture becomes clean and looks as new one thank to our professional services. On shop Souliny it you will not only find design proposals but also the inspiration to make your desires come true.


Can I Cancel My order?

No cancellations are allowed on Furniture categories once the order is placed. In case of any exception, at sole discretion of Rawat, two-way shipping charges will be borne by the customer. In case of cancellations, no refund will be made for Part Payment orders that contain products from Furniture categories; the advance amount will be forfeited as cancellation charges.

What if my furniture does not fit?

Nobody wants the unfortunate situation where the furniture you’ve ordered does not fit, where it’s too big for the room or won’t fit through your home’s doorways or entrances. So, when you order your furniture, it’s important to check that it will fit into your house and your room. Please measure all doors, stairways and the chosen space as carefully as possible. Click here for our helpful online measuring guide.

Is there a way to touch up the finish on my furniture?

Touch up crayons and markers are available at local hardware and home improvement stores in a variety of color packs. These types of crayons and markers that are made especially for furniture work well in touching up most flaws.